trail riding

there is no better way

$ 95 CAD for guests

Situated almost at the end of the road, we are completely surrounded with pristine forests, meadows and hidden lakes. Our trails have something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, and we can tailor your experience to your abilities. While the local terrain is mostly rocky soil keeping us at a slower pace, there are many opportunities to get the heart pumping and lots of beautiful views and photo opportunities.

Amongst many others, we recommend the following 3 trails:
-"Water Station" (approx. 14km): We follow the Big Creek on our side of the river and enjoy the views of the Coast Mountains. Before taking a break at the water station, we cross a tributary of the Big Creek.
-"Dig Maddow" (approx. 20km): We ride to a plateau with great view to the Coast Mountains. On the way, we have a break in a rustic cowboy cabin. Our most popular trail ride.
-"One Million Dollar View" (approx. 16 km): A statement of one of our guests during the break on the top of the hill. We cross the Big Creek at the lodge and explore the other side of the river.

We will help you choose a horse from our friendly herd and give a brief instruction in our arena to make sure you two make a good match and become friends. We really want you to feel safe and comfortable so you will have enjoyable trail rides. It’s completely up to you if you want to have your horse waiting for you ready to go or you want to help catch, groom and saddle it.

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars per person including all taxes. Trailrides are about 3 to 5 hours long.

Western Horsemanship

Get to the next level
For those who are looking to improve their skills or learn something new. Located just in front of the lodge, there is the opportunity to enjoy a horsemanship lesson in our large arena, either on an evening after dinner or before we head out on the trail. Just ask and we gladly arrange something for you wherever possible. Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars per person including all taxes.

$ 25 CAD per hour

Cattle Drives

YOU CAN STILL FIND REAL cowboyS out here

Ranch life hasn't changed much in the last few hundred years with the cowboy still being the most important person on the place. The cowboy's life revolves around the ranch and livestock and requires long days of work to keep the place running. The job starts early in the morning and doesn't finish till all the work has been done; moving the cattle in June and back again in autumn is an integral part of the work. Maximum of 6 people - please check with us for dates.

$ 190 CAD per day


Catch your own dinner

For fishing along our creek only a fishing license needs to be obtained.

Alternatively, you can also head out for a day to one of the lakes around here. Most famous is Fletcher Lake for its beautiful Rainbow Trout. We will gladly bring you there. The avid fisherman possibly wants to bring his own gear, but with pleasure you can use our fishing rods too. Once you are finished, we will pick you up at the lake and bring you back to our lovely lodge. Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars per person including transfer, fishing license, lunch box and all taxes.

$ 95 CAD per day

Day Trip

Wild horse watching

Enjoy a lovely drive to the First Nation reserve of Nemaiah Valley. We are watching for wild horses! There are more than 1000 living in the valley. Lunch break and walking around at the Chilko Lake. On the way we have stops at the Taseko River. Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars per person including lunchbox and all taxes.
Minimum of 2 people.

$ 140 CAD per day

Camp Trips

The deep NATURAL experience

Join us for a trip to our remote camp where we can explore further into the untouched wilderness of the Chilcotin area. Duration: 4 nights in total of which 1 night is spent out at camp. Minimum of 2 & maximum of 4 participants. Bookable only on request.

PLEASE NOTICE: A camp trip is also included in our 7-night Adventure Package.

$ 1385 CAD per trip

94th annual RODEO in Williams Lake

photocredit & official Website:

Enjoy Canadian Professional Rodeo Association action at the World Famous William Lake Stampede! See some of North America's best cowboys live in authentic shows and competitions.

2021 event cancelled -> new dates follow soon

$ 110 CAD per day / Ticket + Transfer (min. 2 pax)

Kayak Rental


Rent a kayak and explore some of the waters nearby. We offer transfer to Fletcher and Kloakut Lake.

$ 40 CAD per day / kayak
$ 75 CAD per day / kayak + transfer to fletcher lake (30. min. one-way)
$ 140 CAD per day / kayak + transfer to kloakut lake (60. min. one-way, min. 2 pax)

ATV Tours


Coming soon...

Explore the area on 1-hour guided ATV tours.