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A good thirty years ago, my wife and I purchased a property in the untouched wilderness on the West Coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia at the foot of the Coast Mountains. Included in this sale was the drawback of having 125km to the nearest town, but the fact that the turmoil of the city was left behind made up for this disadvantage.

To the north of the Ranch lays the small community of Big Creek with a population of 50 or so people. In all other directions the land is uninhabited, and still untouched like it was thousands of years ago. There are no cities or towns all the way to the coast, so that the clean Pacific air flows through untainted by any pollution.

In the beginning of the 80's we began with the traditional cattle ranching on a range of more than 25.000 acres.

To share this once in a life time experience of this land with other people, we built our first cabin for guests. From the first day it was a success. Our guests loved the fresh, unpolluted air, the absolute peace and quiet of the cabin, adding to this even more by the tranquil rushing of the Big Creek. Everywhere there are all sorts of different animals, which of, the vibrant humming bird is loved the most.

The stress and woes of the city are left behind as you watch the busy beaver naw away at trees, and the magnificent eagle fish for his daily meal, you won't remember the last time you had such relaxation like here in Big Creek. Now and then a nice horse back ride or a peaceful fishing trip along the creek will be a good change in the menu.

If the weather is to bad for any outside activities then there is always the pool table or any of the other games in the game room.

But sadly, the cabin was always booked out, because our happy satisfied guest would always book for next year. Therefore we had to think bigger in order to further satisfy our many guests. That was the beginning of the Big Creek Lodge.

Die Lodge besteht aus massiven weißen Zedernholzstämmen, die nur an der pazifischen Westküste wachsen.

The Big Creek Lodge consists of massive white cedar logs, that are only found on the Pacific Coast of B.C. From the first cut to the last nail took a good four years. In this time we worked shifts from dusk till dawn. Skilled carpenters where just too hard to find, so we had to employ the help of local natives who where unskilled. Sometimes guests with a little skill would be happy to help out.

My solid German education as a carpenter would be invaluable. The clean and professionally built look of the guest rooms, first class bathrooms, the well thought out water and biological sewer system, and great service convinced inspectors of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association, that the Big Creek Lodge is an important part of tourism in the Chilcotin region.

The Lodge has been classified as a Canada select Four Star "Country Inn" and it is the only four star Country Inn in this region. We are thankful and strive to not only give this quality but to expand it. Staying in a four star Country Inn is not only outstanding and better than staying in a regular Canadian accommodation but that's not all of it.

A vacation is entirely what you do during this time, from a daily impression, from little to great adventures, from having conversations with people on your level, and now and then the immeasurable pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. The delight of being on vacation is that you can read a book, bath in the sun and not have to worry about anything.

We learned with our guests and put ourselves in their shoes. We then learned that the Big Creek Lodge can for fill two types of vacations:

  • Relax Program, A relaxing program for people with stress - a vacation that can also have some activities.

  • Active Adventure Program, an adventurous vacation - where a person can get to know himself in the wild adventure filled trails with welltrained horses.

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